Thrilling and Avant Garde Special Effects

Have you ever wondered how some concerts and performances get that fog-like effect on stage? The ‘smoke’ is actually Carbon Dioxide (CO2) produced by a state-of-the-art smoke machine.

Our CO2 LED Launcher is a gas column smoke machine which allows impactful and exciting performances in Singapore with a touch of thrill and mystery. Equipped with coloured LED lights, it enables you to change the smoke colour at will. Also, you can change the spray angles within 90° after fixed it. Easy-to-use, versatile and customizable, our CO2 machines are the perfect special effects gadgets that can be used at any event to impress your guests. Get your audience exhilarated and excited using our CO2 machines at your event in Singapore.

CO2 LED Launcher is a 100% safe special effects machine and clean with no stains and it is compact and discreet which has about 6m spray height which is suitable for any type of event in Singapore. The launcher will be operated by our own programmer for a more theatrical and dramatic effect.

Why Choose Spectaworks?

The team at Spectaworks prides itself by having numerous years of experience and expertise in supplying special effects gadgets to some of the biggest clients and companies in Singapore. Click here to view our gallery and see who we have worked it.

Our CO2 smoke machines are crafted using the most state-of-the-art materials. Available for use in Singapore, they are sturdy, built to last and priced at reasonably competitive rates. This key essential is sure to enliven the atmosphere and get your guests excited!

How to Reach Out to Us

We are located at 22 New Industrial Road, #03-10 Singapore 536208. You may choose to also give us a ring at 9009 2733 or 6282 1464. Otherwise, you can also leave us a note on our e-form by clicking here.