Colour Your Party with Confetti

Want to rent a confetti blower at a reasonable price for your event in Singapore?

These days, it’s difficult to find a dependable events equipment provider that charges reasonably and offers premium products and services. Furthermore, searching for a reliable company at the last minute before the big day can be challenging.

Luckily for you the search is over – Spectaworks is the reliable and experienced company you can trust. We offer confetti cannons for rental for a variety of events in Singapore.

We are the only confetti cannon rental company in Singapore that provides customisable confetti patterns and colours to cater to all of your events’ needs. Whether you need a massive amount of confetti to cater to the huge number of guests or heart-shaped confetti for a romantic wedding, Spectaworks has got your back. Feel free to consult our company to personalise your own set of confetti and confetti blower for your event in Singapore.

At Spectaworks, our team believes that confetti are a must-have to add an element of fun and joy to every event. Confetti gets your guests excited and jubilant. It is also a perfect party gadget to end an eventful evening.


Besides having more than 15 years of experience in supplying event and party products for a variety of occasions, Spectaworks is a dependable and trustworthy company you can rely on to deliver excellent products and services.

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Choose our confetti cannon and reasonable rental for your event in Singapore today!


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