Rent Our Smoke Machine Today

If you’re looking for a fail-safe way to add drama and theatricality to a special event or live performance, you may want to consider renting our smoke machine today. This high-tech machine is state-of-the-art and it will create plenty of smoke…and lots of pure magic!

People love special effects. This is why smoke machines are so prevalent at rock concerts and other types of live performances. They add specialness and fantasy and this makes them well worth their affordable rental rates.

For years, we’ve been renting out to Singapore musicians, magicians, community event organizers and many other types of people. These machines are versatile in terms of their ability to create mood in a host of venues.

Our team of technicians know exactly how to set up, operate and maintain our array of impressive equipment. These techs are also polite, well-groomed and devoted to providing exceptional customer service.

When it comes to renting this type of machine, you need to know that safety rules will be followed. Since we specialize in operating smoke machines, as well as in creating pyrotechnics displays and running bubble machines, we are the right company to hire.

Without our machine(s), your event or performance may seem a little dull and uninspired.

Those who entertain for a living know that special effects give them an edge. Smoke machines are crowd-pleasers and they are very safe sources of special effects when they are utilized properly. When you choose us today, we’ll ensure that your smoke machine is operated in accordance with local rules and regulations. We never take chances or cut corners.

We Also Rent Haze Machines

In addition, we also offer Haze Machines. These machines create a smoke-like or fog-like effect in order to add mystery to performances or events. They give a dreamy effect, while producing less smoke than typical smoke machines. Our Haze Machines are also operated wirelessly.

How to Rent

Smoke machine rental in Singapore doesn’t have to be a chore. When you choose us, renting your preferred smoke or haze machine will be so easy. Just call or email and we’ll reserve the perfect machine for you and make sure that it’s ready for action on the big day.

We’re standing by in order to answer any questions that you might have, so we encourage you to connect with our team right now. When you do, you’ll love the customer service that we offer to you.