Whether you are prepping for a product launch or a huge opening ceremony to impress your guests, Spectaworks has got your back!

We offer an extensive range of products and services to create impact and help make your event a memorable one. Our company specializes in offering high-tech and futuristic launch mechanisms for companies and events in Singapore that are sure to wow your audience.

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The I-Ball is a glass globe that features a customised message or design and comes complete with the stand. This 360º displace device is perfect for any kind of events as the LED lights are visually appealing and captures the audience’s attention. With remarkable visuals and stunning crystal-clear display, Spectaworks’ I-Ball is a must-have to amp up the atmosphere at your function.

Our I-Balls are suitable for any kind of product launch events, celebratory events and awards show. Feel free to customize them with us.


Improve brightness and clarity with our premium electroplates. This electroplate launching mechanism features a one-hand touch control complete with the stand which is available to cater to events of all nature in Singapore. This is a more affordable option as it still captures audience’s attention and does not require any prior programming.

Our electroplate launching mechanism is fitting for any type of product launch events, celebratory events and awards show in Singapore.

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