Sturdy, Opaque and Essential Concert Stage Effects in Singapore

A Curtain Drop describes a swift and sudden reveal, using drapes or curtains that drop to the floor, exposing hidden elements for the audience to see on stage. Many stage productions require a sturdy curtain drop system in order to execute a successful performance for their audience in Singapore.

Our team of experts have perfectly uniformed curtain walls that will drop at the right moment for dramatic effects that will wow the audience and keep them on the edge of their seat. You can reveal the stars of the show or special products with that extra wow factor by using our curtain drop system in Singapore.

Using curtain drop to provide the audience with mystery, surprise, excitement and a focus. Such concert stage effects can get your audience in Singapore ready and excited for the show to come. Furthermore, the curtain can hide any element of an event such as a new product, a live band or even a celebrity presenter.

All in all, our curtain drop system is a key essential for any production and event in Singapore. Our curtain drop system is suitable for event launches or live performances.


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With over 20 years of experience in providing excellent concert stage effects for various companies and productions in Singapore, Spectaworks is the events equipment provider you can trust and depend on. Using premium equipment put together with the latest technology, we are the leading firm in Singapore.

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